Levels of Evil on the Evilometer (In Metric)
Infra-red Satellite Readout
Day and night on Earth
Surface Precipitation
Ocean Winds
Ocean Waves
Ocean Wave Peaks
RCM Radar Mosaic
The Moon, Orbit
Hong Kong, China
Wagner College-Library, NY, USA
Daytona Beach, USA
Purdue University, USA
Ross Hall Pendulum, USA
Celina, USA
Grand Palladium Colonial Resort, Cancun, Mexico
The University of Warwick, UK
South Coast, Wales
Atka Bay, Antarctica
Cabourg, Luxembourg
Dusseldorf, Germany
Torino, Italy
Valkenburg, Netherlands
Enschede, Netherlands
Kopaskeri, Iceland
Bielawa, Poland
St. Petersberg, Russia
Tomsk, Russia
Sydney, Australia
Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton, Canada
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Whyalla Council's Communications Tower, Australa
Washington, D.C., USA